"Tracy's combination of small business experience and conservative values, in addition to his youth and energy, make Tracy Philbeck an invaluable asset to the Gaston County Board of Commissioners. Gaston County is well served with Tracy on the Commission".

Congresswoman Sue Myrick


"County Commissioner Tracy Philbeck will lead the charge as chairman of the Committee. When selecting someone to chair the steering committee in Gaston County, you couldn't ask for someone more committed to conservative values than Tracy.  As the owner of two small businesses, a graduate of Gaston College and Campbell University, and proud husband and father, Tracy is a shining example of the kind of people we need working for the betterment of our region."

Congressman Patrick McHenry


"Tracy and I have worked together on important issues that affect our  State and County. I have found Tracy to be responsible, hard working and responsive to the needs of our community. Tracy's conservative values and principles have proven to be an asset as he serves on the County Commission."

Senator James Forrester
District 41 NC Senate



"Tracy brings new energy and insight into servant leadership. He has a heart for the people of Gaston County."

Representative Pearl Burris-Floyd
NC House District 110
Serving Cleveland and Gaston Counties



"I was impressed by Tracy's willingness to listen and thoughtfully discuss the issues that face our county. Representing Gaston County in District 108 I work closely with the County Commissioners and eight municipalities and I know that Tracy is a welcomed addition to that close working relationship."

Wil Neumann
NC House Representative 108th District



"As a fellow young conservative, I admire what Tracy is doing for the citizens of Gaston County. It's refreshing to see others carry the banner of conservatism and move our cities, counties, and state forward in the right direction!"

Representative Justin Burr
NC House 67th District



"The Gaston County Tea Party and "We The People of NC-Gaston Chapter" supports Tracy Philbeck. We thank you for your hard work and your dedication to preserving our conservative principals."

Carol Anne Weaver
Gaston County Tea Party Coordinator
We The People of NC-Gaston Chapter Organizer



"Tracy Philbeck is a true patriot and protector of our First Amendment freedoms and liberties. He puts his words into action! It is a true blessing to have a good man like Tracy represent the citizens of Gaston County. A loyal servant to every tax payer and business. His character, values, vision, dedication, honesty and love for our community and its people are exactly what Gaston County needs."

Jeff Cash
Fire Chief, Cherryville Fire Department
Past President, North Carolina State Firemen's Association



"Tracy Philbeck has been a dedicated public servant, dedicated to helping the citizens of Gaston County regardless of party, gender, or status. He has been a real asset to those who needed help. Another thing that impressed me is when you contact Tracy you will get an answer. As a registered independent for 20 years I support people who work hard for America and what is best for our citizens regardless of party. THANK YOU Tracy for a job well done and for all your hard work, for voting what you think is right regardless of the outcome."

Dean Carpenter
Dallas NC



"We need Tracy Philbeck! His ideas of less government, lower taxes, and his small business expertise are refreshing to find in a younger candidate."

J.A. Dalpiaz
Former Chairman, Gaston County Republican Party
North Carolina Republican Hall of Fame Member



"I believe Tracy's relative youth, his energy and his experience as a successful business man combine to make him a commissioner who will help our county move forward and meet the many challenges we have ahead of us."

Monte Monteleone 71'
Director of Research and Database Mgmt.
Belmont Abbey College


" I support Tracy Philbeck because of his commitment to improving education in Gaston County"

B. Frank Matthews, II
Retired chairman of Belk Inc. and Citizens South Bank