Tracy Philbeck for State Senate


Gaston County Commissioner Tracy Philbeck, a Republican from Gastonia, announced his intention today to run for the North Carolina Senate seat being vacated by Senate Majority Leader Kathy Harrington. Philbeck, 47, pledged to continue his advocacy for conservative priorities and principles. Philbeck loaned his campaign $300,000 to begin the race.

 “Senator Kathy Harrington has done an excellent job of standing firm and representing the conservative priorities of Gaston County,” said Philbeck. “As far as I’m concerned, Senator Harrington is the most conservative State Senator we’ve ever sent to Raleigh. I want to follow in her footsteps, as an unwavering conservative people can trust.”

Commissioner Philbeck has served three terms on the Gaston County Commission, compiling a record that is 100% in favor of low taxes, less spending, and strong support for local law enforcement.

“I am the only candidate for State Senate who will stand up and be counted when the heat is on. I have proven that consistently during my service as a County Commissioner. I won’t bow down to the lobbyists or the big money boys in Raleigh. My only loyalty is to the people of Gaston County,” Philbeck concluded.

Tracy Philbeck owns and operates a small business, Treescape, Inc. He serves, and has served, on numerous community boards, including the CaroMont Health Board of Directors, Dallas Rescue Squad, The Least of These of Gaston County, and The Dream Center of Gaston County.

As a Commissioner, he has served on boards such as the Gaston County Economic Development Commission, Children’s Advocacy Center of Gaston County, National Association of Counties Community & Economic Development Steering Committee, North Carolina Association of County Commissioners Public Education Steering Committee, as well as countless others.

Philbeck graduated from North Gaston High School. He earned an Associate’s Degree from Gaston College and a Bachelor’s Degree from Campbell University. Tracy and Rebecca Philbeck have been married for 22 years and have two children. They are members of Parkwood Baptist Church.


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